Monday, June 8, 2015

Notes: Mini Meatloaves

7 June 2015

  • Anticipating a long day of hiking, I chose a quick meal for this Sunday dinner. We have had mini meatloaves before. The recipe is from the America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook.
  • Diane thought the glaze (ketchup + brown sugar + vinegar) was too sweet last time (I know because I wrote that in my blog post ) so I halved the sugar.
  • I used 100% ground beef, no pork or veal or meat loaf mix. I have looked at the supermarket for meat loaf mix but I've never seen it or ground veal. There is ground pork but only in 1-pound packages; I didn't want to have any left over and I didn't want my meat mixture to be 75% pork.
  • Dinner was ready about 70 minutes after I started preparations.

  • The meatloaf was served with peas & baby onions, mashed potatoes (how classic), Vella Merlot, and water.
  • Diane grew up eating meat loaf with no glaze (my mom often glazed meat loaf with ketchup) but she said this glaze was OK, not too sweet and not too sour from the vinegar and ketchup.   
  • The meat loaf was good, juicy, tender and flavored nicely.
  • These little meat loaves are a perfect size for us, one mini loaf per meal is just right, and they store well in the refrigerator and the freezer. 

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