Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Notes: Cowboy Pie

May 10, 2015: Mother's Day

  • Mom didn't select this meal, but after a special Mother's Day breakfast out, I wanted something simple and quick to make but flavorful
  • The recipe is from The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook, p. 109
  • Total time to prepare was about an hour
  • You might think of this as a big beef pot pie
  • The recipe uses many prepared ingredients: deli roast beef, canned black beans, frozen corn, refrigerator pie dough, bottled barbecue sauce
  • The fresh vegetables (onion, red bell pepper, garlic) are cooked in the microwave before being added to the other ingredients for baking
  • I used Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Sauce which is less sweet than my usual Red Bull
  • I had the roast beef sliced to a medium thickness and I bought a little extra to have in sandwiches
  • The cookbook has a cow girl pie variation that is made with chicken instead of beef
  • The Cowboy Pie was just OK, nothing great
  • The sauce was a little runny, maybe the Dinosaur sauce is thinner than other bottled barbecue sauces?
  • It was a little spicy from the chili powder
  • The pie was served with a fresh fruit salad including pineapple, black berries, apple, grapes, strawberries; we drank Pinot Noir with this dinner
Eat as leftovers
  • TBD

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