Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Seven Minute Casserole For Another Quick Meal

February 23, 2014

Seven-Minute Casserole
Parker House Rolls
Vella Merlot


This is not the first Sunday dinner following the Silicon Valley Destination Imagination tournament when I've prepared Seven-Minute Casserole. It is the second Sunday in a row when a long Saturday at a Destination Imagination tournament led me to plan and prepare a simple meal rather than spending a lot time in the kitchen on Sunday.

A lot of people have busy lives and many of these never take the time to cook their own meals. Restaurants and fast food and take-out and convenience foods dominate many a diet, and that is too bad. Cooking meals from scratch is fun and rewarding, provides healthier, tastier meals, and is a good break from otherwise busy lives.

Seven-Minute Casserole is not really a from-scratch dish. It uses onion gravy mix for most of the seasoning and is topped with canned fried onions and drizzled with Worcestershire Sauce. It's a hybrid of home-cooked and convenience. Whatever, it's less than an hour total time to prepare and close to half of that is hands off cooking. We enjoy it from time to time; I especially appreciate it as a platform to enjoy Worcestershire and the fried onions.

I had been planning to buy a loaf of fresh bread at a bakery or the supermarket to go with this one-dish meal but fortunately I remembered the brown-and-serve Parker House rolls that I had in the freezer from a few weeks ago. I removed four frozen rolls from the freezer, let them warm to room temperature, then put them into a preheated 400° oven for 10 minutes or so. They came out good, warm and crisp and with all the flavor they had before being frozen. Their buttery goodness complemented the seven-minute casserole well. 

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