Friday, July 20, 2012

Stateline Brewery Restaurant

July 15, 2012
Jumbo Pacific Prawn Scampi
Rack 'Em Up
Stateline Pilsner

Sunday found Diane and me in South Lake Tahoe to see The Beach Boys at the last stop on the North American leg of their 50th Anniversary Tour. This was the second time we've enjoyed them live this summer; my sister says this qualifies us as groupies. The concert was part of a long, fun weekend with a lot of Bs. We were celebrating our Birthdays. I published my post on Beef Brisket. We went to two San Francisco Giants Baseball games (both of which the Giants won) and we went on a tour of the Ballpark. And then we saw the Beach Boys.

Our restaurant choice on this Sunday evening was dictated by our need to get to the concert on time. We chose Stateline Brewery because it was open for dinner early enough to match our schedule and it was close by. We were able to walk from our motel to the restaurant and then to the concert. Diane ordered prawns and I had a half rack of ribs. The food was good. My ribs were cooked well, they were tender yet still had good texture and were served with a well-balanced barbecue sauce: not too sweet and not too sour. Diane reports that her prawns, which were served on pasta, were also very good. I tried one of the beers that was brewed on site and I enjoyed it, it was very drinkable, and went down easily, and was a good complement to the ribs and pleasant summer evening.

I took photos but all I got after I downloaded them was some black rectangles. :-( I have no idea what happened to them.

The beef brisket was delicious when fresh and it made great sandwiches.  Need more be said?

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